Thursday, July 24, 2008

Joshua and his birthday present

Joshua only a year old but already we are thinking that he is going to love sports. He has eagle eyes for balls, basketballs , baseballs, softballs, etc. So in thinking what we were going to get him for his birthday it seemed like a no brainer to get him some kind of ball. We wanted to get something that would grow with him a little and so we got him a basketball net that telescopes up so that as he grows it will grow with him for a little bit. It turned out to be a hit and the very fist time he held the ball he knew exactly what to do with it and put it through the hoop. For everyone that might now know Joshua took his first steps on July 2nd and seems to think it is a little over rated right now. As you can see in the movie though he is getting a little better. He is just too cute right now!

Monday, July 14, 2008

July 4 and the Beach

We spent our July 4th down at the beach and had a wonderful time. Our good friends the Millers invited us to stay with them at their parents beach house. It was Ellie and Joshua's first time to the beach and I would have to say that they had a great time. In all we had six adults and five children under the age of five.

We arrived late Thursday night/ early Friday morning. Friday we decided to go to a water park and had a marvelous time. The weather on Friday was just perfect. Joshua loved going down the little slide in the kiddie pool. They also had a lazy river that we all got in and it was so relaxing that Joshua fell asleep in my lap. Ellie rode in her own inter tube like a big girl. Ellie loved being the oldest kid as she tried to be the little mommy to the twins, Natalie, and Joshua. She was constantly watching over them, trying to help feed them, and always wanting to be with them.

Saturday we went to the beach and Ellie and Joshua got to play in the sand for the first time. Ellie stuck her foot in the ocean but it was was to cold for any of us to get in, plus it was overcast and windy. I was very shocked at how chilly it was but in all we had a great time. We built a sand castle with a moat and Mike dug a really deep hole that ended up becoming a sand slide for the girls.

On Sunday we walked on the boardwalk in Ocean City and took Ellie to see the Kite Loft and then she got to ride the Ferris wheel. After we left the board walk Mike wanted to got to one of the go cart tracks. The one we went to was really big and even had a track for the little ones so Ellie got to drive her own go cart. It was kinda scary as it made me realize that before I know it she will be driving a real car.....ahhhhh not ready for that one.

We had a really good time and all in all the children were excellent. Thanks again to the Millers for a wonderful time at the beach!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Crab Feast & Warm Summer Days

This past weekend we had our third annual crab feast and as with all the others it was great. Ellie and Joshua spent the night with grandma and it was nice to be able to eat and get to focus on what I was eating. It was a great time as I haven't laughed so hard in a very long time. We had a great meal of crabs, steamed shrimp, corn on the cob and watermelon. What more could you ask for in a meal, hehe. For dessert we had cupcakes, and brownies and these wonderful little things that Kera made and I can't remember what they were called but they were excellent.

I think this is the first year that we have had the feast that we didn't have anyone that was pregnant. It made our list of possible activities a little broader as we didn't have to think about pregnancy restrictions. So with that in mind I wanted to do things a little different this year trying to keep it fun. After we finished eating crabs we got out some water balloons and had a good old fashioned water balloon battle. It was great to forget about everything and just have fun and I think we accomplished that on Saturday night.

On Monday I pulled out our little blow up pool and Ellie and Joshua got in to play. Ellie loves the water, though she doesn't like it getting in her eyes. Joshua is still on the fence as to whether or not he like the pool water. He loves bath time but not sure that playing in the cooler water of the pool is great fun. I have a video but am having technical difficulties right at the moment so it will have to wait.

July is a great time to have a birthday and we will be celebrating among other birthday's two very special ones, Joshua and Zach my cousins son will be celebrating their first birthday's. It is so hard to believe that it has been a year since Joshua was born.

This weekend we will be celebrating the holiday at the beach with our good friends the Miller's and Sandbek's. This will be Ellie and Joshua's first time to the beach so it should be an exciting weekend. Yesterday Ellie was telling someone that she was going to the beach and she was excited because it had a big swimming pool there, oh to see life through a childs eyes, hehe. Hopefully it will be as fun and exciting as we are hoping and the weather will be great that we can enjoy our time there. Hopefully we will get some good pictures and post them.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

2 Game Win Streak!!!!

Well we have a two game win streak going for our churches softball team. The last two games have been nail bitters but in the end the guys pulled it off and won the game. Today's game we won 20 to 19 and Mike went 2 for 4 and those two hit were really good solid hits. He also tagged a runner out at home plate. Our friend Kevin came to watch the game and he brought his daughter Natalie. He had a very good game to watch and Natalie seemed very content to watch too, she never fussed once. I have had the opportunity the last two games to keep the score book which has been fun. Here are a couple of pictures from one of the other softball games.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ethan turns 6

Well we took a few days off and went up to the campground in Gettysburg and celebrated our nephew Ethan's 6 birthday. We went up on Friday and met my parents who had their camper up there. This was Joshua's first time camping and I have to say that he was amazing. He went to bed fine and didn't seem to be bothered by the change of his surroundings.

We were going to set the tent up on their site but it was to small so we ended up getting another site. For those that have went camping with us before I think we have found a good site that is just as good if not better than the one we have always stayed in before. We really put it to the test too on Friday. We got everything set up and we finally making our way up to the swimming pool when it started to down pour and I mean down pour. We even had hail the size of marbles.

Side note one good thing about Mike always buying the best and not cutting corners is that when we got back to our tent everything inside was completely dry. If it had been a cheap tent everything inside would have be soaked, no doubt about it as hard as it was raining.

Anyway the site even drained well and wasn't a mud pit amazingly enough. It is pretty big and private with shade for most of the day and to boot it isn't any farther from the bath house than our other site.

Well by the time that if finally stopped raining it was to chilly to go swimming so we went back to my parents camper and spent the rest of the evening with them. We ended up playing a card game and my mom and I whipped up on Mike and my dad, which is very unusual, but a lot of fun.

On Saturday my sister and her family came up to the campground to have the birthday party. But first we had to try out the swimming pool as Ellie and now Ethan and Emma all wanted to get in the pool. Of course just as we are getting ready to go up to the pool Joshua fell asleep but would eventually wake up before we all got out of the pool. The pool was still very chilly but we just went to the deep end and jumped in and then it wasn't quite so bad. I will give the kids credit they stayed in the pool for a very long time even though it was so cold. Joshua did finally wake up and got to get in the pool for the first time. He wasn't so keen on it at first and I think most of that was because it was so cold but after a little bit he was trying to splash the water and seemed to be enjoying the experience. Ellie and Emma played well and enjoyed playing in the kidde end of the pool with all the swim toys that we brought.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A great holiday weekend

Okay, so I am a little late getting this posted, but better late than never. I was also very pleased to see that my husband had posted about our weekend and he did a great job describing the experience. Anyway below is what was going to be posted for Memorial Day.

We have just had one of the most beautiful holiday weekends. The weather was just amazing. On saturday in the morning I was able to plant some plants. I love all the colors of spring, it is almost like the Lord smiling at you. That afternoon we took Ellie out to fly kites with our friends Mike and Shanna. Ellie had a wonderful time running around and then holding her Kite as it flew high in the sky. Ellie won getting hers the highest with daddy's help. It was also a cool becasue it was the first time that Shanna had ever flown a kite. Then we came back to the house and Mike and Shanna stayed and we cooked out on the grill.

Sunday Mike and I finally used some gift cards that we got for Christmas to go see Prince Caspian. Ellie and Joshua went to church with Grandma and Grandpa while we went to see the movie. It was really good and from what I remember from reading the books they did a pretty good job. It was ridiclous, it was $19 for the tickets and then for the drinks and popcorn it was $17 and that was just for two of us. I cringe at the thought of taking a whole family.

Monday my mom and I went down to visit with Dessairee, Char and her family and then we went to my anut and uncles house. Dessairee is doing well and really bonding with Char and her family. They still do have some concerns about her breathing and her one hand. Her pediatrician wants her to see an ENT beause her sinuses are so swollen she can't see anything to determine if something is going on or not. She holds her one hand kinda curved in ,her pediatrician said it could have happened during birth or another injury. It would have to be something in the nerves or muscles since the orthopedic doctor didn't see any breaks.

We covet all prayers during this time. Tomorrow Johnny has his trial date here in Harford County and I will give an update tomorrow as to what was decided. Well since I am so late getting this post out I can give a praise report concerning Johnny. He had a really good judge from what my mom and dad said and they basically gave him time served. So all the stuff in Harford county is done with and now he has been moved to Baltimore City. It appears that they have denied him bail and with that we will not be able to visit him for the first 60 days. Please pray that the truth will be revealed and that Johnny won't get the brunt of all this becasue he was the one to take her to the hospital. Right now as it stands on the court criminal records site he has all kinds of charges and the mother has next to nothing.

Dessairee's next hearing is June 18 and that will be the parental rights hearing that had to be rescheduled. Her mother has a trial date in August to face the child abuse charges at this point unless she accepts a plea bargin. We are believing that if they are going to offer a plea bargin that it would be that she gives up her parental rights and gets no jail time. I have learned a lot more
about the whole justice system than I ever thougth I would before all this happened.

Thefirst picture is of Char and Dessairee and then the other one is my mom and Dessairee.

We had a wonderful time visiting with Char and the family, then my mom and I went to my aunt and uncles house for a cookout. Mike, my dad, and grandmom met us down there as well as my sister and her family. It is always a good time with lots and lots of food at my aunt and uncles house. My cousin Chris is a really good cook and it seems always has a new recipe for us to try. This time is was shrimp with some type of sauce on it and it was amazing, a little spicey but really good.
My cousin Rich and his wife Holly who had their little boy ten days before Joshua. We hadn't seen him since Christmas and it was amazing to see him walking. It's hard to imagine that he and Joshua are only ten days apart because Joshua seems to have no desire to walk yet. I know that will come in time. So anyway now I will get to the really fun part the pictures.
Joshua found a water bottle that still had water in it and had a wonderful time. Emma and Ellie playing their version of dodge ball with Mike and Pop Pop.
This is my cousin Rich and his son Zachery who is 10 days older than Joshua.

Good Ole' Camping...

Well Melissa and I had our first camping trip of the year over the weekend. We quickly saw the benefits of the new ride over the Impala. It was so much easier to pack; we threw everything in and still had plenty of room left. With the trunk in the Impala there was a certain spot for everything in order to maximize every inch of space.

Once we had everything packed up we headed over to my parents house to drop off the kids. Indeed this was a kid-free weekend which was more difficult for Melissa I believe then me or the kids as it was the first time we let Joshua spend the night away from us for more than one night. I am happy to say though that both kids did fine and seem to have had no ill side effects. =)

After the trauma of separation we headed over to our friends Mike & Shanna's house and they followed us up to the Battlefield Campground. It was also the first time ever that we were able to get there at check-in time (3pm). It was awesome, we had plenty of time and daylight to get the campsite all setup and still was able to fire up some dinner at a normal time.

On Day 2 we were going to go play some tennis in the morning, but it started raining on us. Fortunately we knew it was coming and practically had everything that we didn't want to get wet packed away in the cars. Instead of tennis we decided to head off into town and check out some of the local shops. We went to the fudge shop (of course) and after a few more stops decided to do one of the group Old Time Civil war photos. I dressed up as a Confederate general and my friend Mike was a Union general while the ladies were sporting the fancy dresses of the time period. The picture turned out great... I will try to remember to scan it in and post it up. After an enjoyable lunch in the Dobbin House the rain was over with and we were still able to go to the courts and get our tennis on. By the end of the that we were all drained and headed back to camp site to make some Chicken Chili from a recipe provided by Smack and relax by the camp fire. I also am pleased to say that the Chili turned out awesome.

On Day 3 we played some volleyball in the morning and then decided to go on one of the Battlefield tours as my friends wife had never been. When we got there we were shocked to see the prices had hiked up to $24 bucks a person. So instead we bought one of the Audio Tour CD's and did our own thing. I actually think I liked that better because we got to stop when we wanted and spend as much time at each spot as we liked. This was the first time we went to Gettysburg since I got the Canon as well. Once I dump the pictures onto the computer I will post up some of the good ones. After the battlefield tour we headed back to the campsite and packed up. On the way home we stopped one last time and ate at the Farnsworth House.

I think that pretty much sums it up. Overall I had a good time and can't wait to head up again. We should all pick a weekend and head up to Thurmont. That campsite we had when we went with Kevin and Lauren a couple years back was entirely in the woods. I would have to believe it stays relatively cool there even when it gets super hot.

Later on...